Photographic and digital documents book!


Digital book is understood as that which its leaves are printed on both sides. The most common printing systems are toner and inkjet. The recommended paper weight to make the prints are from 50gsm up 210grm maximum, depending on the manufacturer and type of finish.                                                                                                                 Example: With paper of 140gr can be a most a book of 40 sheets.                                                                                                                 
Once all the sheets printed in our book, the next stage is to link the leaf block to a tapas by one end. At this point enters FACIL BINDER & BINDERJET, S.L.U with its new closure system  FACIL BINDER which does not require any auxiliary machinery and therefore any investment in machinery to create your digital book under lawsuit brought under 30 seconds.                                                                                        Moreover you can always add more pages to your digital book.  

NEW: Now you can make digital photo books open 180 degrees as if were printed on 1 side. 


However FACIL & BINDERJET S.L.U may be given equipment to make the demand digital book with a minimum investment.

Enjoy with our systems!