¡Photo digital album!


Digital album is understood as one that leaves are printed on one side and the opening of the album is 180 degrees or LAY FLAT system. Printing systems are the most common photo paper, sublimation , toner and inkjet 1 sided etc.                                                                  

The paper weight may vary depending on the manufacturer, the type of printing and the type of surface.

The manufacturing process of a digital album is:

1st phase to print on one side all the leaves on our album.                                       2nd phase is split and fold in half of the photo.                                                        3th is to glue the backs of the photo and go riding our block and leaves.                    4th phase covers or make FACIL BINDER & BINDERJET S.L.U can supply the finished thanks to its wide range and its ability to manufacture under customer demands.                                                                                                            5th stage to join the block and the covers.

At this time  you have your digital album on-demand with high quality.

Enjoy with our 2 systems !