Cold biadhesives sheets.

                             Ref.H + size

Biadhesives sheets of 235gr with cold glue to paste picrures.                     

Size:  21x21 , 21x31 , 25x31 , 31x32 , 36 x36 , 31x42 , 41x51 y 38x82.                             Box of 100 Units.                                                                                                  For no standar sizes the minimun quantity is 3.000 sheets.

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Manual creasing machine.

                             Ref. HMSFS460

Creasing manual with lever 460mm.                                                                           To top machinay consulting to FACIL BINDER & BINDERJET, S.L.U

Sheet holder.

     Ref. EHI            2mm system 

Sheet holder with inclination and 2mm system for the block.

Manual press machine.

                                                Ref. PM5045HDP500

Manual press with wheel. Pressed size 500 x 450 mm and height 500 mm.

Manual guillotine.


            Ref. GM430M                                       Ref. GM480M


Ref. GM430M                                           Ref. GM480M                                           Cutting lenght: 430mm                              Cutting lenght: 475mm                      Insertion depth: 430mm                             Insertion depth: 455mm                       Cutting height: 40mm                                Cutting height: 80mm                                   Pisor: Lever                                             Pisor: Hand wheel                   Table: Included                                        Table: Included                                      Weight: 53Kg                                            Weight: 83Kg                                        Dimensions(Wx Dx H) 730x610x1020mm          Dimensions(Wx Dx H) 780x750x1200mm 

These are essential lever guillotines at least for cutting block.                                    To top machinay consulting to FACIL BINDER & BINDERJET, S.L.U

Cover holder for placing on cover block.

                         Ref. PTP

Tool to position the block and enter the album cover.                                              For albums to 50x40cm.