Binder manual machinary with milling.

Manual binder with user-friendly manual milling and maximum flexibility. Quickly produces hard and soft covers our digital book under demanad. With its striped system produces neither noise nor dust. The operator can control the passes you want to ensure a strong glue. Assembly time does not employ or book format adjustments.                        For a successful of this machine , the recommended paper weight to make the prints are from 50gsm up 120grm maximum, depending on the manufacturer and type of finish.                                                                                                   



Cycles of capacity/hours: until450                                                                           Productions of books/hours: until 180  (dependin of the worker)                               Min-Max thick glue : 0,1 - 40mm                                                                             Maximum Width of glue: 320mm                                                                                  Maximum height of glue: 235mm                                                                     Maximum book size: 320x235mm                                                                         Maximum thickness of cover: 400gr                                                                   Milling: Yes                                                                                                     Voltage 220-240V                                                                                       Frequency: 50-60hz                                                                                        Stream  máx: 3A                                                                                            Machine dimensions: 890x470x470mm                                                                     Weight Net/gross37/40kg



Depth: 100 mm                                                                                                Staple: 50/ 8-20


Ref. GSFS + Size.

50/8 : 5 mm                                          50/10: 7 mm                                            50/12: 9 mm                                          50/15: 12 mm                                         50/17: 14mm                                          50/20: 17mm